Classes open to those who have completed Class One or More

Dates: 5-Wednesday Evenings.  Check back for new 20-21 dates.
Time: 6:15 -8:15pm.
Cost: $200.
Location: South Salt Lake City, Utah.
Pre-requisite: Class one or more.
Call Deanna at 801-898-8358 for more information or to register.

This class is designed for students to consciously update their relationship with some of the basic tools, states of being and healing technique.
Where you were at when you originally learned the tools is most likely quite different than where you are now.
Unless you refresh this relationship, the interface stays at the degree of capability at first introduction.
It can be useful to bring this interface into present time so that it matches your current havingness and reality.

Date: New 2021 dates & time to be announced.
Pre-requisite: Completion of Class Two or more.
Cost: $125.00 A $20 deposit is required upon registration.
Call Deanna at 801-898-8358 for more information or to register.

Programs for those who have completed Class Three or more


The 9 month Core Training Program is a once-yearly program (typically September -May) offering a training ground for growing consistency with centering as essential spirit.
The focus throughout this program is on re-training your spiritual awareness and energy management.

September 2020 – May 2021
Meets one weekend and one evening a month.
Pre-requisite: Completion of Class Three
Please contact Deanna if you require further information 801-898-8358

On completion of the Core Training Program and with sufficient practice integration to be able to work in a less individually-held environment, there is the opportunity to apply to join a group of practitioners who meet regularly together. These practitioners recognize the value in a consistent and regular group practice for the invaluable support it provides for on-going integration, healing and maturing.