Community Service:

Tending the Village Commons

We value anchoring our spiritual practice in expressions of service and sharing. Typically each year we choose a local recipient for our Community Service Project support. If you’re not active in training at the moment but would like to contribute to these projects, contact Kelly Anne.

September 2017-Current: Utah Food BankNumber 1 Foodbank image

Being aware of the impact of the rising cost of food,  as well as the short and long term effects COVID-19 has had on our local community,  we continue to hold food drives, and service projects to raise money in support of the Utah Food Bank.  Our intent is offering essential nourishment through connectivity with the greater community.

Through food drives, we collected donations of 1819 pounds of food items in addition to raising $4662.85.  Because the Food Bank has a spending power of $7.48 for each dollar donated, they will be able to use the funds to purchase $34,878.12 worth of food to feed those in need in our greater community.  We have also donated 122+hrs of volunteer time at our local food bank office.

September 2020 – January 2021-  Garage Sale & “Say it with a Button” Fundraiser 

Practitioners of our Core Training Program chose, as service projects, to hold a local Covid-19-Safe Garage Sale in September 2020,  and to sell buttons through a “Say it with a Button” fundraiser, December 2020-January 2021.  The intent with both of these Service Projects was to increase awareness of local & national Food & Clean Water Insecurities.  Combined, they raised $1287.  Proceeds were donated to both our local Utah Food Bank, and DIGDEEP which is a human rights nonprofit organization serving 2.2 million+ Americans without sinks, bathtubs, or toilets.

In gratitude to our local frontline community, they also made and gifted 600 Appreciation buttons to the University of Utah & Intermountain Healthcare hospitals.

December 2018  – Coat Drive

Our Core Training Program chose, as their service project, to run a coat drive to raise awareness and support local homeless shelters. They collected and donated 509 items, including coats, hats, scarves, and other warm articles of clothing.



December 2016 – Angel Tree

In 2016 our group adopted a 7-year-old child at Christmas time, gifting him with a variety of items from his Christmas wish list. Our intent with this was to hold a child in the heart of giving that exists through the holiday season and throughout year.

December 2015 – The Road Home

In December of 2015, we knit and gave warm scarves and hats to The Road Home.

2006-2013 – Salt Lake City Festival of Trees
Number 2

From 2006-2014 our group held local fundraisers such as garage sales, breakfast, & BBQ charity events to raise money to be able to donate decorated trees to be auctioned off at the Festival of Trees. Through our efforts, we raised $33,000 over a 9-year period for our local Primary Children’s Hospital. Our intent was holding children and their families in our community within the heart of connection that exists not just through the holiday season but throughout the whole year.

Extending Our Service & Sharing Beyond Local Community  

2015-16 International Charities

Number 3Practitioners in our Salt Lake City and Toronto centers created small cloth-stuffed hearts from organic materials in different colors and patterns.  Each of the hearts was blessed with spiritual healing energy.

The hearts were sold to members of our practice community in Vancouver, Toronto, and Salt Lake City for their own healing and to give to others. The hearts can be held in one’s hand as a reminder that we’re all a part of something bigger, or they can be placed on an area of injury or tension, or used like a stress ball.

This project raised a total of $750.91 from the Vancouver, Toronto, and Salt Lake City centers, which will be put towards international charities.