Check Here for Healing, Reading Clinic & Meditation Review dates through July, 2021

NOTE: Given the current uncertainty with COVID-19, please check back closer to the dates to find out if these events will be held remotely, or in person. 


**Please note:  Healing Clinics are currently being held remotely, by ZOOM.  To register to receive a Clinic ZOOM invitation, or for more information, text Stephenie at 801-661-0539

When: The 1st Sunday of every month with the exception of August, 2021, when we are on summer break.

  • Time: **10-11am (open to everyone) **
  • Location: South Salt Lake.  Call or Text Deanna Thompson at 801-898-8358 for the address.
  • Cost: By donation – suggested $7-$20 (to cover rent, administrative costs and contributions on behalf of those who cannot afford to donate).

Clinics are an excellent opportunity to explore this spiritual practice. They are a dedicated space for receiving healings as well as supporting individual participants at many levels, from someone who is experiencing an energy healing for the first time through to healing clinic staff.

They offer a chance for those who are interested in experiencing a 15-minute energy healing on a drop-in basis. These healings are one-on-one sessions given in a large room while other healings of the same format are taking place.

All healers participating in the clinics are trained to use neutral (non-personal) energy to help repair and optimize your energy system. This will include your grounding, aura, energy channels and chakras.

Benefits to receiving healings include greater spaciousness and clarity, support for your practice of being centered and grounded, as well as support for your current growth process.

**Meditation Reviews are being offered Remotely by ZOOM.  Contact Stephenie at 801-661-0539 for more information, or to register. 

MEDITATION REVIEWS: Are offered prior to a few of our Healing Clinics. These 15-minute reviews are an opportunity to have a fresh access, and to deepen your experience of, a Class 1 tool.  Open to those who have completed Class One or more.

  • Time: 9:40am to 10am.  ZOOM entry starts at 9:30 am.
  • Cost is $8.  Pre-registration required.  No late entry.
  • Text Stephenie McKinnon at 801-661-0539 to register.


Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 – check back for location


  • May 2nd – check back for location
  • June 6th – check back for location
  • July 4th – check back for location


Tuesday, March 9th: Men’s & Women’s Healing Clinic – remotely, by ZOOM

Thursday, May 20th: Healing Clinic – remotely, by ZOOM

August 2021 – Please note there will not be a Healing Clinic due to summer break.

READINGS – ENERGY CHECKS: Due to Covid-19, Energy Checks are currently postponed until further notice. 

Energy Checks are 20-minute sessions that are available to anyone currently in or having completed Class One and beyond.

They offer a neutral assessment of 2-3 aspects of your energy system that are currently highlighted.
By naming these pieces, it can be a way to support you in increasing awareness and reconnection to something you may be blind to.

A large portion of these sessions is dedicated to you taking steps of self-healing, updating and refreshing the way you run your energy.

Energy checks are available from 11:00am – 12:15pm at most clinics.
These sessions are drop-in and are done on a first come first serve basis.
Cost: By donation (suggested donation $10).

For more information about Healing, Reading Clinics or Meditation Reviews contact Stephenie at 801-661-0539