Upcoming Events 


Our Website is currently being updated to reflect new & recent changes in our organization.  We’ve had a full and whole-hearted year, and look forward to sharing the updates with you soon!  The website is scheduled to be completed by or before mid-August.

We’ll be heading on summer break, starting on July 5th, 2021.  Clinics, Classes, and other practice related events will resume, starting Sunday, September 5th, 2021.

Before heading on break, we’ll be holding a Remote Healing Clinic via Zoom on Sunday, July 4th.  All are welcome!  If you’re interested in attending, or receiving more information about our Healing Clinics, please contact Stephenie McKinnon, who is one of the Teachers and Clinic Stewards, at 801-661-0539. You’ll also find information about the July 4th Clinic, including how to register, timing, and some of what our Healing Clinics offer, below.

Blessings on your summer!

Kelly Anne, on behalf of Energy Awareness


With the tenderness of transition currently unfolding with the pandemic, and Covid-19, this clinic will be held remotely, via ZOOM.  

Starting in September, we’ll resume offering in-person clinics that will also include ZOOM as an option for attending & participation.  Information about this update will be available soon. 

Spiritual Healing Clinics – 2021
In these remote clinics, trained practitioners offer 15-minute energy healings to assist you in having more presence, grounding and flow. There is also time given to sitting in quiet meditation.  Open to everyone.

Date: Sunday, July 4, 2021
*No Healing Clinic in August.  Clinics will resume on Sunday, September 5th*
Time: 10 am – 11 am
Location: Remote by ZOOM – Zoom code given at time of registration.
Cost: By donation (to cover rent and administration costs) via Venmo – information available upon registration.
Pre-registration is required.  To register, send group text to Stephenie at 801-661-0539 and Margo at 801-918-7298, by 6pm on the Saturday before.
Contact Stephenie with questions.

Please CHECK HERE for Clinic dates through July 2021.

CLASSES – Basic classes will resume in September.  Watch for more information, to come.