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Service & Sharing – Utah Food Bank Service Project 

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Fundraiser

We value anchoring our spiritual practice in expressions of service and sharing. Since 2017 we have chosen the Utah Food Bank to be the local recipient for our Community Service Project support.

To date, donations from our Pallet tree sales have raised $551 which translates to $4, 125 in Food Bank spending power!!

If you would like to contribute to this project you can purchase a tree through following the steps below.

Each wooden pallet Christmas tree was made by our spiritual practitioners along with family members and friends in the spirit of raising money for our Local Utah Food Bank.

Tree Information: Trees vary in look and size. Some are painted, some not.
Trees will be available for purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis through to December 15th, 2019 (while quantities last).
Cost: Suggested donation(s), $15-20 for smaller size trees and $25-$35 for larger size trees.

Payment Options: For convenience, donations can be paid directly to the Food Bank at this link https://www.utahfoodbank.org/give-money/  Then pick up your tree by showing us your email receipt.

OR by cash, or check made out to the Utah Food Bank and placed in the Utah Food Bank Money Jar upon tree pick up.

For more information contact Kelly Anne Ward at energyawareness@msn.com


New Year’s Day – Labyrinth Walk & Candle Lighting

Walking a labyrinth offers a wide range of opportunity to grow awareness with everything from how we are with ourselves as we learn through how we experience our relationship with physical movement.  The labyrinth walk is different each time one walks it.  In the spirit of the New Year, you’ll also be welcome to light a candle as a visible acknowledgment of something you wish to evolve for yourself through the 2020 year. Open to everyone.  Open to everyone.  

Date: New Year’s Day: January 1st, 2020. 

Time: 11am-12:30pm.

Cost: By Donation (Suggested donation $5)

Location: 2685 South West Temple (entry & free parking at the back of the building).

Time:   11:30 am – 12:30 pm (last walks will start at 12:10pm).

Cost: By donation (to cover rent and administration costs).

Our labyrinth has 4-circuits and is made of cloth.  We ask that you wear clean footwear to walk it (no shoes/boots with muddy bottoms please).  
Other Labyrinth Walk Dates:
  • Sunday, May 3rd, 2020. Time: 11:30am-12:30pm. Cost: By Donation (Suggested donation $5)

Labyrinth Walks are drop-in (no appointment required).  All Welcome.

To learn more about our Labyrinth walks contact Kelly Anne Ward at energyawareness@msn.com

Healing Clinics & Meditation Reviews 

HEALING CLINIC doors will open for a 10 AM entry into the Healing Clinic. When you enter you’ll be greeted by one of our trained healing clinic stewards who will guide you to the room that the clinic is being held in.  All Welcome. No pre-requisites required.  The healing clinic welcomes anyone who is interested in sitting quietly in a meditation energy set and/or receiving a spiritual healing.

  • When: The 1st Sunday of every month (with the exception of August when we are closed for summer break). CHECK HERE for dates.
  • Time: 10-11am (open to everyone)
  • Location: 2685 South West Temple, South Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Cost: By donation.

Our next Healing Clinic will be held on Sunday, January 5th, 2020

For more information about the clinic(s), you can call or text Deanna Thompson at 801-898-8358, including the day of the clinic.

Meditation Reviews are offered prior to a few of our Healing Clinics throughout the practice year.  These 20-minute reviews are an opportunity to have fresh access and to deepen your experience of a Class One tool.    Available to those who have completed Class One or more.

  • Time: Doors open at 9:30am.  Meditation will start promptly at 940am.
  • Cost: $8
  • Location: 2685 South West Temple, South Salt Lake City, Utah.

The next Meditation Review will be held on Sunday, January 5th, 2020 prior to the Healing Clinic.

Please CHECK HERE for upcoming dates.

Class 1 – Spiritual Tools: Next Series starts January 9th, 2020

CLASS I: SPIRITUAL TOOLS contains the foundational tools for a spiritual practice of authentic presence, essential alignment, and healing.  These include:

•    centering – the practice of being self-aware as essential spirit, which enables you to utilize spiritual language,
•    grounding – the practice which makes it possible to sustain that self-awareness at all times, through all experiences,
•    spiritual-language tools for the practice of living in the present, discernment, releasing, creating appropriate relationship, living transparently, and
•    a meditative process of assessing and healing your energy space – aura, channels, chakras.

In this class, you receive the basics of building a daily practice of spiritual alignment which supports you in making conscious, healthy choices, as well as tools you’ll be able to use throughout the day to practice this.

Dates: 8 Thursday evenings, starting January 9th, 2020.
Time: 6:15-8:15pm
Cost: $325
Registration Information:
Contact Deanna Thompson at 801-898-8358 to register.

Women’s & Men’s Healing Clinic

In these clinics, trained practitioners offer 15-minute energy healings specific to the male or female energy system (and for people new to the practice, a 10-minute regular energy healing beforehand) to assist you in having more presence, grounding and flow.
Open to everyone.

Date: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.
Time: 6:00-6:45pm. Drop-in (no appointment required). No healings will begin after 6:30pm.
Cost: By donation -cash only (to cover rent and administrative costs)

For more information please contact Kelly Anne at energyawareness@msn.com