Starting in September, we’ll be opening our doors again for some in-person class participation while continuing with week-to-week (day-to-day) assessments of COVID-19 safety considerations for our Spiritual Center.   We’ll also be continuing to offer remote engagement via ZOOM as an ongoing 2021-22 option for involvement. 

We had hoped that the conditions surrounding COVID-19 and the delta variant would continue to improve through the summer.  Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Your safety, and the safety of absolutely everybody that comes through our doors, is of the utmost importance to us. 

In-person Energy Healings are typically done standing closer than what the CDC suggests, in order to support physical distancing; and in-person participation numbers in Meditation Reviews are typically higher than what would allow for this, too. 

After reviewing the incoming data on the surging virus and, quite simply, not being able to know what the transmission rates will be on September 5th, and through the winter months, we have decided the safest path forward is to continue to offer Healing Clinics and Meditation Reviews remotely, via ZOOM. 

Our great hope is that we will be able to meet in-person for them again in 2022.  In the meantime, please continue to check on our website, or request to receive monthly email Healing Clinic reminders & updates, by contacting Stephenie McKinnon at (801) 661-0539.
Kelly Anne, on behalf of Energy Awareness 


Monthly Sunday Healing Clinics by remote, on ZOOM, resume on September 5th, 2021.  Please Note new changes with registration process.

Starting in October our evening Evening Healing Clinics, by remote on ZOOM, will have new timing.

Meditation Review on October 3rd, 2021.

Please CHECK HERE for Clinic & Meditation Review Registration information, and dates and times, through July 2022.


Spiritual Tools, Class One: 8-Week Series starts October 5th, 2021 with Deanna Thompson.

Introductory Centering & Grounding Workshop on November 6th, 2021 with Stephenie McKinnon.

Spiritual Wellness for Healers  – Morning Workshop in October, 2021 with Deanna Thompson.

Please check our Classes & Workshop page for more information. 


Spiritual Rose Readings available by appointment, starting in October.

Please CHECK HERE for more information and how to book an appointment.  


For the 21-22 Practice-year the Center will be closed on Wednesdays.
All practice Teachers & Stewards will be off-line.  Next to an emergency, any emails, texts, or other practice-related communications that may come in that day, will be replied to on Thursdays.