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Our Basic Class Mission:
The aim of our basic classes, workshops, and programs is the same: To offer the opportunity to learn how to increase presence, to have more ease with how to process stress, to be able to grow and evolve through a full range of life experiences; to have training with a simple yet potent set of spiritual tools which include centering, grounding, present time and the ability to increase your overall energy level through effective ways of being present with whatever your experience or situation is at the moment.

This enables you to grow awareness of and heal the patterns you may hold and operate from which can cause stress and suffering; be they related to your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical well-being.

Our Basic Class Approach:
Classes offer a graduated process of building spiritual skills that allow for an integrated meditation practice. You’ll have access to tools that will enable you to learn how to develop a more commonly recognized practice of meditation which includes sitting closed eye for periods of time as well as also learning how to integrate these skills into your daily routine, work, family and other relationships.
Classes generally range in size from two to twenty people, are 2.5 hours in length with a short break, and include instruction, closed-eye, and open-eye practice. With one of the ways we learn being through direct experience, you will also have an opportunity to practice and integrate the techniques and tools individually and through exercises with others in the class.

Basic Class Information, Including Women’s & Men’s:
CLASS ONE: SPIRITUAL TOOLS is an experiential class that gives you the essential elements for knowing and managing your
spiritual energy, building a meditation practice or evolving one, increasing essential present and healing.
This includes: centering – the practice of being self-aware as essential spirit which enables you to utilize spiritual language,
grounding – the practice which makes it possible to sustain that self-awareness at all times, through all experiences,
spiritual-language tools for the practice of living in the presence, discernment, releasing, creating the appropriate relationship, living transparently, and a meditative process of assessing and healing your energy space – aura, channels, chakras.

In this class series, you receive the basics of building a daily practice of spiritual alignment and meditation which supports you in making conscious, healthy choices, as well as tools you be able to use through the day to practice this.

This series is for people who are new to meditation or who have previous experience.
The learning space we create is one of ease, simplicity, safety, and amusement.

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There are two sequential classes that follow Spiritual Tools, as well as Women’s and Men’s Energy introduction workshops and classes which address energetics specific to gender.

CLASS TWO: SPIRITUAL HEALING & RELATIONSHIPS continues the integration of Class One tools, specifically in relationship with others, through: learning how to give a simple, safe and effective spiritual healing to another, re-training yourself to states of being that enable you to be present in relationship without loss of self or space, and expanding spiritual language awareness beyond embodiment. Pre-requisite: Completion of Class One or more taken within the past 18 months or by permission.

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CLASS THREE: SPIRITUAL PRACTICE offers both additional meditation and healing tools to enhance and further evolve a sense of self in relation to others, as well as supporting a significant step up in self-responsibility and consistency of practice. Pre-requisite: Completion of Class Two or more taken within the past 18 months or by permission.

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Women’s & Men’s Energy Basic Classes:
While as spirit you are not male or female, there are some significant differences in the energetic expression with gender.

MEN’S ENERGY BASIC CLASS is dedicated to healing and learning space including the male energy body instinct to compete. Also, time is dedicated to the basics of the male body energy system with a focus on healing and spiritual ownership, having clear access to your own male and female energies, male / female communication, and practicing spiritual presence with your male body experience.
Pre-requisite: Completion of Class Two or more taken within the past 18 months or by permission.

WOMEN’S ENERGY BASIC CLASS is dedicated to healing and learning space,
will work with the spiritual tools to increase awareness of and heal the energetic patterning affecting your relationship with your female body/energy system. We will work with male and female energies, the extra source of energy in a female body, guilt & responsibility, male/female communication and more…
Pre-requisite: Completion of Class Two or more taken within the past 18 months or by permission.

For further information about Classes, Workshops or Programs contact Deanna Thompson or Kelly Anne Ward.