Deanna Thompson & Kelly Anne Ward, Spiritual Directors of Seiki – Energy Awareness

Since 2001, Seiki – Energy Awareness, located in the Salt Lake City area, has been offering Spiritual Meditation Classes, Introductory Workshops, Healing Clinics, Private Sessions & Ongoing spiritual direction & training to individuals in cultivating spiritual development & well being.

Through their years of practice they have found that in our fast-paced society, people have become increasingly disconnected from their own internal experience and have become hyper-focused on what’s coming next or on what society says they have to become in order to live a full and happy life. This can cause a sense of feeling isolated, powerless and that you’re at the mercy of your past or current circumstances. Over time, this can lead to many different symptoms such as free floating anxiety, low energy, increased sensitivity with the rise and fall of social pressures, difficulty making decisions, physical strain and holding or, even depression.

Through their work individually & together, they train people with a set of simple yet potent spiritual tools that when integrated through practice have life changing effects on these symptoms and more.

Deanna Thompson
Contact Information for Deanna: or call 801-898-8358.

Deanna currently is a full-time Spiritual Director of Seiki – Energy Awareness. She teaches Basic Classes, facilitates the Healing & Reading Clinics, offers Private sessions and provides training and support at a graduate level. Deanna also has a background in Real Estate, Mediation, Reiki and Color Therapy. She offers an authentic space of learning to support students in being able to spiritually access what this theirs to essentially have.

Kelly Anne Ward (pronounced KellyAnne)
Contact Information for Kelly Anne:

Kelly Anne has been a spiritual practitioner since 1998 and has been teaching this practice for the last 18 years. Her background includes leadership training, ministry, psychology, and sociology. She currently is a full-time Spiritual Director of Seiki – Energy Awareness.
Kelly Anne teaches Basic Classes, Core Training, and graduate programs, provides men’s & women’s training and support and offers private sessions.

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