Deanna Thompson – Center Director 

Deanna currently is a full-time Center Director of Seiki – Energy Awareness. She teaches Basic Classes, facilitates the Healing & Reading Clinics, offers Private sessions and provides training and support at a graduate level. Deanna also has a background in Real Estate, Mediation, Reiki and Color Therapy. She offers an authentic space of learning to support students in being able to spiritually access what is theirs to essentially have.

  • Contact information for Deanna Thompson: 801-898-8358 or
Kelly Anne Ward – Center Director 

Kelly Anne, (pronounced KellyAnne), has been a spiritual practitioner since 1998 and has been teaching this practice for the last 18 years. Her background includes leadership training, ministry, psychology, and sociology. She currently is a full-time Center Director of Seiki – Energy Awareness.
Kelly Anne teaches Basic Classes, Core Training, and graduate programs, provides men’s & women’s training and support and offers private sessions.

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    Stephenie McKinnon – Spiritual Teacher & Healing Clinic Steward 
Stephenie is a spiritual practitioner who has been studying with spiritual teachers at Energy Awareness since 2006, where she has received training in meditation, healing, reading, teaching, leadership, and ministry.  Prior to 2006, she studied Reiki, Healing Touch, massage, and was affiliated  with the American Holistic Nurses Association.
Currently, Stephenie teaches introductory workshops, and is a steward and facilitator for Healing Clinics.  She also plans, and mentors practitioners in holding, practice events and worship meditation services; and she helps support day-to-day practice administration, care, and responsibilities.
Stephenie is actively involved in her spiritual community, in community-building service projects, and in ongoing teacher and leader training.
  • Contact information for Stephenie McKinnon: 801-661-0539 or